A Castle Birthday Cake


For everything that went wrong with E.’s 5th birthday cake, who would have thought that her 6th birthday would go so smoothly?  E. wanted a castle cake, and of course, she wanted it to be pink!

This cake was two tiers, and each tier had 3 layers.  The bottom layer was a fudge marble cake (I used boxed mix this year instead of baking it from scratch) baked in a 10 inch round pan.  I used vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream between the layers and to frost the outside of the cake.  The bottom tier is covered in marshmallow fondant.

For the top tier, I baked a small, 6 inch chocolate cake using a round pan.  I cut the rounded edges off of each layer, so I ended up with something that was more or less square shaped.  I used gumpaste to cover it, because I wanted to make sure that the castle “walls” wouldn’t sag.  Here are the pictures of the work in progress:


castle birthday cake

Adding the corner turrets.


castle door

With the door added.


finished door

"Rocks" around the door and "stone" stairs.

gumpaste flowers

The base looked a little dull, so I attached several gumpaste flowers here and there.

Gumpaste wrapped turrets with tops.

Wrapping the turrets with gumpaste and working on the placement of the tops.

Even more flowers

I added flowers and small marshmallow fondant "rocks" to cover any gaps at the bottom of the castle.


E.'s Whimsical birthday castle!

The tops of the turrets, doorknobs and the number 6 are all painted with gold luster dust diluted with a bit of vanilla flavored rum.

I used Makins Clay Texture Sheets I found over at Amazon.com for the turret tops and the wood grain on the door.

Of course, not everything went smoothly, because the morning of  E.’s birthday party she developed a fever.  I wanted to postpone the party, but she decided that she wanted the presents and to eat some of the cake, so we canceled our guests, and we managed to have a blast in spite of the flu.

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“A Castle Birthday Cake”

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