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Things I Love: Shescrafty10 on Etsy!


Recently, my son J. had his 9th birthday and he wanted a Lego Star Wars party theme (A separate post will be coming soon!).  He wanted to make gummy candy, chocolate Star Wars mini figures for the top of the cupcakes and crayons.  I thought I could make my own silicone lego molds, but when I added the price of materials plus shipping I found it just wasn’t cost effective.  I started looking around for pre-made molds, and in what can only be described as a stroke of sheer luck, I stumbled upon the Etsy shop of one Shescrafty10 (aka Julie).

Thanks to my stubborn “I can make it myself” attitude, I only had a week and  three days to make the cupcake toppers and all of the party favors.  I wrote a message to Julie, begging her to ship the molds as soon as possible.  She completely exceeded my expectations, and although I didn’t make my order until the afternoon of Friday, July 8, I received the package on Monday, July 11!  I had plenty of time to make everything with a full day to spare.  Thank you, Julie.  I couldn’t have done it without you!



I have been working on several projects around the house that I want to share…as soon as I photograph them…then of course, I have to get around to posting them here.

The trouble is, I sit down at the computer and get sucked in to some great blogs I have come across.

It is no secret that I love making cakes, so I check in to Cakewrecks almost every day…mostly hoping I never see my cakes there.

Then, I found out that Jen (of Cake Wrecks) has yet another site called Epbot.
I am in complete awe of her never ending chic geek savvy.

I have also been lost for weeks reading older posts over at Hyperbole and a Half. Seriously, I have never laughed so hard in my life!

I don’t recommend going to Hyperbole and a Half if you should be working…you will lose hours from your day.

I know some days that I should be blogging…but why should I do that when I could be procrastinating?