Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Sweet Art “Gallery”


I saw something a lot like this while browsing through our local Target. I thought it was cute, but then I saw the price tag. $20? For some clothespins, a few painted wooden shapes and a ribbon? I don’t think so. I knew I could make something even better and for a whole lot less. Plus, it makes a super easy, cute gift for Mother’s Day!

Create an easy Mother's Day present

About $6-$8

Wooden Animal/Plant Shapes
2 Cup Hooks

Step 1:
Paint or stain wooden shapes as desired. Let dry. You can add as much or as little detail to your animal or plant shapes. It’s entirely up to you! I opted for a simpler design, as my 8 year old daughter, E., was helping with this project.

painted shapes

Fast and easy Mother's Day gift idea

Step 2:
Once your shapes are completely dry, turn them over and glue a clothespin to the back. Let dry.

Glue clothespin to back of painted shape

Step 3:
Select an area of wall for your display. Measure desired area. Attach cup hooks to wall at opposite ends of your measurement. Cut ribbon 6 inches longer than your measurement. Tie ends of ribbon tightly to each cup hook.
Using your new decorated “clips”, hang your art work from the ribbon.

I’ll add the pictures of the finished project once it goes up on my mother’s wall. Thanks for looking!

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