Home Made Mario and Luigi Costumes


These costumes were made very inexpensively. I purchased the hats on Ebay for about $5.00 each. I used some white felt that I had in my craft bin to cut out a white circle, and cut out an “M” on one, and an “L” on the other. The letters were then attached to the hats with fabric glue.

I also purchased two pairs of plain denim overalls from Ebay, for a cost of about $20.00.

For the large buttons on the overalls, I rolled out some yellow Fimo ($4.00) to a thickness of about 1/4″. Using a 1 1/2″ diameter cookie cutter, I cut out four circles. In order to get the buttons to have a dome shape, I used a paper egg crate (styrofoam egg crates will not work). Lay each circle inside an egg “cup”. Press each circle lightly around the edges and the center with fingertips until they take on a slight cup shape. Leave circles in egg crate and bake according to the directions on the back of the Fimo package. Allow the buttons to cool completely before removing them from the egg crate.

To attach the buttons to the overalls, you must first make sure that the overall straps are hooked in front. Next, fill the “cup” of each button with hot glue. Allow to sit for about 20 seconds, so glue isn’t too runny. Press Fimo button onto the overall button.

I already had a long sleeve red shirt for Mario, but was unable to find a green shirt for Luigi. I purchased a white long sleeve shirt from the thrift store ($2.00) and two boxes of Rit Fabric dye (golden yellow and kelly green) for another $6.00. Using half the packet of yellow and the entire packet of green, I followed the instructions for bucket dyeing method listed on the back of the package.  I was able to achieve a color that was similar to the color of the hat.

J. thought he wanted to use a stick-on mustache ($3.00 for two), which ended up being way too big for him. We opted to draw on his mustache with face paint instead, and he was much happier with it than the adhesive one.

Mario and Luigi’s white gloves were $2.50 per pair at a local costume shop.  For a total of about $45.00, I created both the Mario and Luigi costumes.

Here are some photos of the whole Super Mario crew!

Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi

Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes

Mario, Luigi and Peach

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach Costumes

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Mario Costumes

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