Mother’s Day Flowers


Yesterday, the kids made some egg carton flowers…they should have been daffodils, but I didn’t realize that we were out of yellow construction paper.

That turned out okay, because the kids were happy that they got to pick out their favorite color.

Print out the template for the flower petals and leaves, or draw your own.
Here is a list of what you will need:

8 sheets of construction paper for petals (yellow, or your choice)

3 sheets of green construction paper for the leaves.

1 paper egg carton

Scotch tape or hot glue gun

12 yellow buttons

12 green bendable drinking straws

Trace flower and leaf templates onto construction paper and cut them out.

Cut out the “cup” portion of a paper egg carton. Paint the egg carton inside and outside.

When paint is dry, glue or tape the egg cup to the center of the flower petals.

Turn over, and attach a straw to the back of the petals. Use a small amount of glue or tape to attach the yellow button to the center of the egg cup.

Attach two leaves to to the bottom of the straw.

We made 11 of these flowers and placed them in a vase as a gift for my mother. I think that they turned out to be very nice!

Print this template to get started!

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