New Camera, Computer, Router and Catching Up


We’ve had a busy year, and I can hardly believe it’s almost over.  First, my camera finally gave out, and I lost many pictures, including ones of my son’s awesome Lego Star Wars party.   That was pretty darned depressing.  I lost an entire series of “how-to” photos.  Then, my computer and modem got fried when we had a power surge.  I have had that computer for years, and apparently never backed it up (I know, I know!), so I lost even more pictures.

I bought myself a shiny new camera as a birthday/Christmas gift, so I hope to be posting new blogs soon.

I have so many things I want to share, but in order to do that I’ll have to re-do a lot of projects so I can take new pictures.

I’ve already started on nexr year’s constume for J.  I’m making a Jack Sparrow costume out of muslin (which I will dye to match Jack’s costume colors).  I made my own frock coat pattern from a photograph, and it actually worked!

I even made the dreadlocks out of wool and attached them to a plain brown wig.

We also made Jack Sparrow’s compass out of milk jugs and other assorted plastic bottles.

E. Would also like me to tell you that we made a fairy dollhouse out of silk flowers, craft sticks and a plastic cake container, and of course fairies for the house made out of yarn,  craft wire, pipe cleaners, silk flowers and wooden beads.  It was a perfect rainy-day craft, and she still plays with them more than any of her other toys.

I’ll post all of these and more after the holiday…and hopefully the pictures will be better than the yucky ones from my camera phone!


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