Princess Peach Costume


My daughter wanted to be Princess Peach for Halloween this year. If you’re not familiar with the Super Mario Brothers franchise, this is Princess Peach:

This is a train wreck of a dress.

Originally, I thought I would purchase a horrible 80’s puff sleeve prom dress from the thrift store and make a few alterations. Despite the fact that they were a dime a dozen back in July, this month there were no ugly pepto bismol pink 1980’s prom dresses to be found.

I searched for patterns at the fabric store, but quickly realized that I would need to buy two patterns and alter them. Instead, I opted to draft my own pattern and use some fabric I had on hand – a light pink taffeta for the body of the dress, and some hot pink fabric for the peplum that I picked up from a remnant bin at the fabric store.

I was lucky enough to have been given the pink taffeta by my Mother in Law when she was weeding out her sewing cabinet a few years ago. I really didn’t know what to use it for, and I almost gave it away a couple of times. Who knew it would eventually come in handy?

I didn’t take pictures of all of the components of the dress, but here it is in progress:


The bodice.

Neck trim.

Bodice with neck trim in place and brooch placement test.

Pinning the pieces together.

Pinning the pieces together to make sure they fit properly.

Peplum pinned in place.

Skirt with peplum pinned in place.

bodice pinned to skirt

Finished bodice attached to skirt.


The finished dress!

The complete Princess Peach Costume.

The finished Princess Peach Costume.


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“Princess Peach Costume”

  1. Avatar October 20th, 2011 at 4:30 am Denise Says:

    Love it! How did you make your peplum? And WHERE did you get that amazing crown for the end product? Sooo cute!


  2. Avatar October 20th, 2011 at 2:45 pm Kylie Says:

    Hi, Denise! I had never made a peplum before, so it was pretty much guess work. The width of each peplum is about four inches shorter than the measurement for the waist of the dress to account for seam allowances and gathering. Using that basic measurement formula, I drew the peplum shape on news print…it’s kind of a shallow, elongated “u” shape. Each peplum is made from 2 pieces of fabric (wrong sides together, stitch around the edges, but not across the top then turn inside out) I basted the top of the peplum, gathered the fabric and pinned them to the skirt so that they overlapped slightly in the front and were the same width as the skirt. It is easier if you sew the peplum to the skirt before attaching it to the bodice, in my opinion.

    I made the crown from fimo, and poked two holes near the bottom of both the left and right sides of the crown. After the crown was baked and cooled, I painted it gold (it would have been easier to buy gold fimo, but no one had it in stock locally). I attached the jewels to the crown with a hot glue gun, then sprayed high gloss clear coat over the whole thing. The crown was then secured to a headband with twist ties that were threaded through the holes at the bottom of the crown. If you make this crown, be sure to use a headband that has “teeth” or a “comb” on the underside of it to keep it from sliding off.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you need any more clarification.

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