I have been working on several projects around the house that I want to share…as soon as I photograph them…then of course, I have to get around to posting them here.

The trouble is, I sit down at the computer and get sucked in to some great blogs I have come across.

It is no secret that I love making cakes, so I check in to Cakewrecks almost every day…mostly hoping I never see my cakes there.

Then, I found out that Jen (of Cake Wrecks) has yet another site called Epbot.
I am in complete awe of her never ending chic geek savvy.

I have also been lost for weeks reading older posts over at Hyperbole and a Half. Seriously, I have never laughed so hard in my life!

I don’t recommend going to Hyperbole and a Half if you should be working…you will lose hours from your day.

I know some days that I should be blogging…but why should I do that when I could be procrastinating?

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